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Good warm reunion …


After endless months of waiting the two lovers finally meet. During that time they have fantasized about one another and today they are determined to make up for lost time. But the distance can sometimes lead to deception. A surprise lurks in the closet … The two lovers embrace, to grab its tail wildly. Vents and boiling yards swollen marry. The two men shivered while the closet flickers: a beautiful half-caste is standing there, tail planted in an inflatable goat! Rather than spoil the moment by a fit of jealousy, the two lovers invited to celebrate the half-breed. Both yards stretched toward him, the new does not know which way to the mouth. Sucking like a machine two steel chucks before getting suck the cock in turn. The three men bind perfectly. The anus is open and heated point. One of the two lovers is pounded by her man while the Métis continues to be scrubbing the tail. Much better than his goat, his penis is wrapped in a warm mouth and soft. The shelling intensifies, expands the washer, filled the fuck is good and will receive two doses of hot cum!

Date: April 6, 2020

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